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Dave Cortez and the Moon People “Happy Soul (with a HOOK)”

July 30, 2007

This weekend every major media outlet focused their energy on the “crisis” in southern California, Lindsey Lohan’s DUI arrest. After indulging in the story for a few laughs, things got really serious when Headline News brought on addiction expert Joey Buttafuocco to weigh in on the topic. I suppose they thought he could offer some rational advice on how to deal with young ladies. Seriously though…….Joey Buttafuocco. What were they thinking!!!???

Anyhow, the downward spiral of Miss Lindsey Lohan got me thinking about Chrsitina Aguilera, and how she has avoided all of this nonsense by using her musical talent to garner great press.

She made the right decision by having DJ Premier produce her most recent album. The lead single, “Aint No Other Man” contains a sample from the song “Happy Soul (with a HOOK)” by Dave Cortez and the Moon People.

The song, released in 1968 on Speed Records, is a take on the Archie Bell and the Drells classic “Tighten-Up.” It features great guitar and organ work, but the true genius of the track is the interplay between the drums and the horn section.

After searching for a while, I finally tracked down a copy of this record at a flea market in Connecticut. If you’d like to own it on CD, you can purchase this compilation, which features the song and some similar songs that you might like.

Look out for my next post, which will feature Joey Buttafuoco’s top 5 favorite funk songs of all time.