It’ll make you wanna scream!

July 26, 2007

One of the most satisfying aspects of searching for records is the experience of discovering something that you’ve never heard before. For me, there’s nothing like letting the needle hit the groove and having my senses satisfied by the soul of the past. With each revolution of the turntable, I’m taken to a place that I’ve never been before. It’s sort of like the first time you fell in love…. minus the heartache. 

I was reminded of this “feeling” recently when I found  a copy of “What is this?” by Allison and Calvin Turner. A couple of weeks back I went digging through a warehouse, which had a ton of 45s. After about 3 hours of picking through Fleetwood Mac and Madonna records I stumbled across this rare piece of Indiana funk history. The song has all the elements of a great funk track–a driving bass line, a steady mix of drums and bongos, and a soulful vocal arrangement.

I’ve been playing this track non-stop for the past couple of weeks and it got me thinking. “What is this?” is a question we ask ourselves when things feel surreal. Whether it’s love or musical discovery, the answer always lies in our ability to embrace the feeling. So sit back, relax and enjoy this track……”it’ll make you wanna scream!”

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  1. this is really insightful, but most of all this song is awwwwwsoooooome

  2. this song is great. nice score. hard work always pays off. the bass line kills it! keep diggin’


  3. nicely worded joero, great find. I must have been looking throught that Billy Ocean 25 count box when you found that one.

  4. Naw Save1…..I think you were sittin on your ASS complaining about the HEAT when he found that one! hahaha.

    Nice site Joe…you gotta come do another set for my show to help promote it!

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